Tokyo Anyway

Camille Meynard

Four thirty-year-olds: Camille, Félix, Armel and Faustine. Three summer days in Brussels…The dreams, the choices, chance, adulthood.

“In Tokyo Anyway social and intimate relationships are defined by a milestone reached. It’s a film about people who are each facing a crossroads in their lives alone.
Old friends get together for the thirtieth birthday of one of them. They have built lives that seem to correspond to what they had hoped for. But events such as the death of a parent, the upcoming birth of a child or a changing career, highlight the choices they have made and awaken the fear of limiting possibilities and of having their lives set irremediably.”

FormatDCP, Blu ray
ProductionStenola Productions
Feature film
Colors, 70 min.


DirectionCamille Meynard
ScreenplayCamille Meynard, Samuel Malhoure
PhotographyLéo Lefèvre
SoundAurélien Lebourg, Morgan Souren
EditingThomas Vanthuyne
Sound editingHélène Lamy-Au-Rousseau
MixJonathan Vanneste
Color gradingLoup Brenta
Original MusicRIP Bonaparte, Ségolène Neyroud
ProducersAnton Iffland Stettner, Camille Meynard, Eva Kuperman


CamilleViolette Pallaro
FelixBenjamin Ramon
FaustineEmilie Maréchal
JoSophie Maillard


BelgiumFIFF - Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur
BelgiumBE Films Festival
BelgiumBrussels in Love
BelgiumCentre Wallonie-Bruxelles
HungaryBudapest French film festival

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