Le plaisir du désordre

Christian Rouaud

Eve Bonfanti and Yves Hunstad are Belgian actors and authors. They write fascinating theater pieces full of intelligence, poetry and humour. The film’s aim is to decode the mystery of their writing by following the dialogue that grows between them as they develop their new show, a variation on happiness, or how to live together in a world that is tearing itself apart.

Executive ProducersEntre2prises (FR)
CoproductionStenola Productions and Leïla Films
PartnersThe cinema and audiovisual center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, RTBF (Télévision belge)
HD, 120 min
le-plaisir-du-desordre-1 le-plaisir-du-desordre-2 le-plaisir-du-desordre-3 le-plaisir-du-desordre-4


DirectorChristian Rouaud
ScriptChristian Rouaud
PhotographyAlexis Kavyrchine, Léo Lefèvre
SoundMartin Sadoux
EditingFabrice Rouaud
MixThibaut Darscotte
Color gradingFranck Ravel
Original musicPascal Le Pennec
ProducersFlorent Verdet, Gabriel Vanderpas, Anton Iffland Stettner, Eva Kuperman
Supported byabel Vidéo, la Région Auvergne, le Département du Val de Marne, la Région Aquitaine, Procirep