Leo Médard

Maël leaves school. Today Martha, her mother, came to get him. They go together to the sea by car. Their long separation does not make things easier and the boy discovers little by little the truth behind this mother struggling to communicate.
Trapped in the burst of destructive love, Martha struggles against herself first and foremost.

Executive producersStenola Production
PartnersThe Cinema and Audiovisual center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the RTBF
In development
Short film
Colors, 24 min.


DirectorLeo Médard
Written byLeo Médard
Director of PhotographySon Doan
1st Assistant DirectorPierre Jacquin
Script SupervisorViolette Leblond
Set DesignJulian Gomez
Philippe Blonda
Sound EngineerLeny Andrieux
EditingJoachim Thome
Sound DesignLeny Andrieux
CostumesMathilde Dupont
ProducersAnton Iffland-Stettner, Eva Kuperman, Arlette Zylberberg, Gregory Zalcman, Alon Knoll
Production DirectorNoémie Duclos
Post-production DirectorOlan Bowland


MarthaCamille Sansterre
MaëlleGabrielle Claeys