Le Successeur

Xavier Legrand

Ellias Barnès has just been appointed artistic director of a famous fashion house in Paris. The expectations are so great that they cause him heartache. When his father dies and the funeral must be held in Montreal, Elias discovers that he has inherited something good
worse than his father's fragile heart....

Executive producersKG Productions
CoproductionsStenola Productions and Metafilms
PartnersFédération Wallonie Bruxelles, La RTBF, Betv, Taxshelter.be
DistributionSeptember film (Benelux), Haut et Court (France)
International salesMK2
Feature film
Colors, 100 MIN

LeSuccesseur_Photo_REC709_1.8.1 LeSuccesseur_Photo_REC709_1.1.1 - copie 2 LeSuccesseur_Photo-Etal_Rec709_1.20.1 LeSuccesseur_Photo-Etal_Rec709_1.16.1 LeSuccesseur_Photo_REC709_1.5.1 LeSuccesseur_Photo-Etal_Rec709_1.5.1

"Following on from my previous films, The Successor digs deeper into the issues surrounding patriarchy. Nowadays, we often speak of ‘violence against women’; I’ve often used this expression when promoting Custody. But it somewhat bypasses the main element of the issue. In fact, when talking about ‘violence against women’, we’re quite obviously forgetting to mention the main protagonist from which the problem stems: Men.
First and foremost, The Successor focuses on ‘male violence’. How is it that men are also their own worst enemy? It’s fairly easy nowadays to see how patriarchy subjugates women and children, but what perhaps isn’t as obvious and more difficult to admit, because it is handed down and trans- generational, is that it also crushes men, brothers and sons. We regard blood ties as sacrosanct and therefor unbreakable in the eyes of our society. The axioms ‘like father like son’, ‘from father to son’, ‘in the name of the father and of the son...’ are deeply entrenched in our minds."

Xavier Legrand


DirectorXavier Legrand
Director of PhotographyNathalie Durand
1st Assistant DirectorMarie Doller
Script SupervisorAnne Fromm
Set DesignMarie-Claude Lepiez
Sound EngineerPaul Heymans
EditingYorgos Lamprinos
CostumesCaroline Bodson
ProducersAlexandre Gavras, Sylvain Corbeil, Eva Kuperman, Anton Iffland-Stettner
Production DirectorMarie-Claire Lalonde
Post-production DirectorOlan Bowland


Ellias BarnèsMarc-André Grondin
Dominique DuchesneYves Jacques
JanieLaetitia Isambert-Denis
Minna Di SalvioAnne-Élisabeth Bossé
Laetitia AlvarèsBlandine Bury


Canadaaward for best Quebec film at the last CINEMANIA Québécois French-speaking film festival.
Espagneselected in the Official Competition at the San Sebastian international festival

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