L’homme a mangé la terre

Jean-Robert Viallet

This story is ours.

It's the story of two centuries of astounding progress. Two centuries of industry, inventions, economic development, evolution of our lifestyles and our modes of consumption.
But here, after two hundred years of industrial capitalism, we realize that the impact of man on nature is irreversible. Man has become a telluric force, and the Earth has entered a new geological period. This period bears a name: the Anthropocene, the era of man.
Behind the beautiful history of progress there is in fact another story. A story written by powerful people. More or less inspired political leaders, industrialists, fossil fuels and chemists, lobbyists and financiers of all kinds who, in two centuries, have shaped our way of life without ever ceasing to serve their own interests

Executive producersCinephage Productions
CoproductionStenola Productions
PartnersARTE France, the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, RTBF, Tax shelter.be
Colors, 90 min.
LGD0100017961-archiveNB LGD0300097049-plongee-skyscraper LGD0200144088-Cosmonaute LGD0200000082-enfant-plage



Written byJean-Robert Viallet, Christophe Bonneuil, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz
DirectorJean-Robert Viallet
DocumentalistEmmanuelle Yacoubi
PhotographyJean-Robert Viallet
Sound designJulien Mirzac
EditingTal Zana
Color gradingAlexis Lambotte
MusicMarek Hunhap
ProducerVictor Ede, Alexandre Cornu
Co-producerAnton Iffland Stettner, Eva Kuperman

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