Heat Without boarders

Ivan Goldschmidt

Albert, a young and idealistic African, works for a Belgian NGO based in the heart of his country. The crisis affects Europe and Belgium; the NGO must close. It is a disaster for him and his family. Unoccupied, he decides to set up an NGO to save Belgium in difficulty. He wins the support of a local minister, but the latter only thinks of hijacking the operation for electoral purposes. She imposes her collaborator, Immaculate, on Albert, so she can head the NGO and bring back propaganda images.
"Heat without borders" arrives in Belgium. Forced to welcome this team of loser humanitarians, the Belgian authorities have no desire to be "saved" by Africans. Following the failures in the implementation of their actions, Immaculate stages the crisis that they have not managed to find. Her images have a strong impact in Africa.
But Albert does not accept these shenanigans and continues his humanist quest. His meeting with Julie will open his eyes to the real problems of the Belgians. Against all expectations, Albert and his team could well be the instigators of a real awakening regarding some of these issues.

Executive producersStenola Productions
CoproductionsPTD (Paul Thiltges distribution), Prime Time
PartnersThe cinema and audiovisual center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the RTBF and Film Fund (Luxembourg)
In development
Feature film
Colors, 90 min


ScriptIvan Goldschmidt
Jean-Luc Pening, Jean-Luc Goossens
DirectorIvan Goldschmidt

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