Beyond the Ararat

Tülin Özdemir

« Beyond the Ararat » is the story of a woman of Turkish origin who embarks on a journey to better understand what makes up her identity.
A road movie which brings her from her childhood neighborhood in Brussels to Turkey and Armenia. A quest where each woman she encounters could be the reflection of herself.
Entering the land of her ancestors, Anatolia, she questions her cultural heritage. Stopping in her grandmother’s village, she discovers the “Agit”; an antique oral tradition where women sing for their dead. The songs open a potential space for mourning, where Turkish, Kurdish but also Armenian women missing from that land, can sing “together”.
The confrontation with the “missing” from her memory, brings her farther eastward in Anatolia to the foot of the Ararat Mountain, and beyond.

LanguagesTurkish, Armenian, French
SubtitlesDutch, English
Executive producersStenola Productions
CoproductionAssociate Directors (BE)
PartnersThe cinema and audiovisual center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, de VOO, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds
International SalesStenola Productions
Colors, 57 min.
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« Born in the heart of Europe, I grew up amongst the contrast between two cultures: the Christian East outside the home, and the Muslim orient inside. Very early, the question of identity came naturally to me, as I found it necessary to understand what bound me to the country of my origins: Turkey.

Throughout my life, I was confronted with the dispute surrounding the “genocide” or «so-called genocide». It blurred the bond I had with my identity and cut me off from the land of my roots, Anatolia.

This is the main stake of the film. History can divide and separate. In this film, I choose to write my own memory with Anatolian, Armenian and Kurdish women’s accounts. Through oral traditions and songs, Beyond the Ararat is a way of finding a common space to share stories with other women and to find my place among them. »

Tülin Özdemir


DirectorTülin Özdemir
PhotographyJohan Legraie
SoundFélix Blume
EditingAnne-Laure Guégan
Sound editingRaf Enckels
MixRaf Enckels
Original musicDavid Yengibarian
ProducersAnton Iffland Stettner, Eva Kuperman
Co-producerMark Daems
Supported byGsara, Docu Regio, Wallonie Bruxelles image, Wallonie Bruxelles International


SwitzerlandVisions du Réel - Nyon
BelgiumFIFF - Namur
ItalyMedfilm Festival - Rome
BelgiumElles tournent - Bruxelles
ArgentinaCinemigrante - Buenos Aires
ItalyFaito Doc Festival
FranceFestival international du film d'Amiens
FranceFestival A Nous de voir
ArmeniaIWFF KIN - Yerevan
BelgiumFest a Film Ouvert
Turkey17th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival
Argentina16th Festival international human rights festival
NetherlandsBeeld voor Beeld
CanadaHuman Rights Film Festival

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